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Our next Open event will be ‘Open Classrooms’  on Friday 5th October and Saturday 6th October from 09:30 – 12 noon. Find out more and register online.

Inspiring Courage, Confidence and Creativity.
Children only have one childhood so it is vitally important that parents and teachers get it right for them. The Prep School age of 4-13 is the most important time for parents to invest in a child’s education.

This is the time when the real foundations of learning are put down: when their literacy and numeracy skills are made secure, language is acquired, curiosity and imagination developed and when they learn most of the skills and knowledge they will require in this exciting and ever changing 21st Century world. These are crucial, impressionable years of physical and intellectual development: the stage of the greatest personal and social growth, where character and personality are shaped, attitudes formed and work habits established.

Here at Moreton Hall Prep School in Suffolk, we retain many traditional values and expectations in the drive for high standards and excellent outcomes. We believe it is our duty as teachers to ensure that our children continue to believe, to enjoy, and to be the best they can possibly be. If a child dreams of becoming an astronaut or an archaeologist, an international rugby player or a world famous pianist, we will ask ourselves how can we enable this? Not only enable it, but inspire them to be the best in their field.

I would be delighted should you wish to visit our wonderful school at any time, where I can assure you of a very warm welcome from the whole Moreton Hall family.

Chris Moxon, Headmaster

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